Samuurai's Staff Application

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Samuurai's Staff Application

Post by Samuurai on Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:13 pm

In Game Name: Samuurai
Time Played On Server: 6 hrs
Why you want to be an Admin: Well, 1 year ago I homehosted my own minecraft server. It got a few players, but, it taught me some amazing stuff. I have realized that instead of hosting my own server, I would enjoy helping someone else out much, much, more.
How experienced are you with worldedit and OP Commands?: Well, like I said, I hosted my own server, so I know 93% of all of world edit. Before hosting my own server, I was actually a speed builder, and I used world edit often. I also noticed the server uses PermissionsEx and CoreProtect. Both of these plugins are plugins I have worked with before, and thus I can use this commands to help others.
How often can you play: Every day, 1-2 hours minimum.
Are you staff on other servers?: I am not currently staff on any servers, but I have hosted my own and have been staff on other servers.
If No, Why Not?: N/A
If Yes, How Many?: 2 others, and 1 as a builder.
Have you ever been banned?: Nope  Very Happy
How long do you plan to be admin?: I plan to be an admin as long as I have the ability and knowledge to help people and as long as I am up to date on the current minecraft plugins and events. Whenever I feel I am slacking, I will not hesitate to retire.


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