Rooboy2010's Staff Application

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Rooboy2010's Staff Application

Post by Rooboy2010 on Sat Dec 17, 2016 10:00 pm

In Game Name: (Write exactly what your username is) Rooboy2010
Time Played On Server: (Do /ontime In Game) 2 hours 30 minutes
Why you want to be an Admin: The main reason in which I would like to be an Administrator is because I feel I could really help the owner (Skitty). I am very knowledged in plugins and permissions. If I am accepted to the staff team I could help out in a multitude of ways. For one I really know my way around plugins and permissions and could help out with almost any permission/plugin. I am a very patient person and could use this skills to help solve problems between players. I know what most hacks look like and can recognize when someone is using a hacked client. I am a very mellow and friendly person and I can keep my cool. I know how to properly discipline players and most importantly I don't abuse powers. I can also moderate the forums and also make them look more official. I am learning to code so I will eventually be able to make my own custom plugins which will be nice. I know how to region things in game , and I can use worldedit well. I also can build decently. I think that I could be of great use to the server and look forward to a response on my application. I also would like to say that I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my application. Thanks and the best of luck to everyone.
How experienced are you with worldedit and OP Commands?: VERY, You could say I know every little detail about it
How often can you play: Everyday for 5-6 hours each day on weekdays and 10 ish hours on weekends
Are you staff on other servers?: Currently no previously yes.
If No, Why Not?: I quit the other servers in which I was staff on
If Yes, How Many?: I have actually owned 4 of my own server and was an admin moderator and helper on a server called EXGM
Have you ever been banned?: No
How long do you plan to be admin?: (Do not say forever.) I plan on being an admin for as long as I am needed

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